Meet the SWAT Instructors

Eric Stanbro

Lead Instructor

Eric Stanbro has 15 years of experience training and handling the gamut of elite working dogs; from Naval Special Warfare Group 1 (SEALs) Multi-Purpose Canines, to hundreds of police K9s from all over the United States.

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Brian Aponte

Current: Cape Coral Police Department (SW Florida)

I was the first SWAT K9 operator that we had on the team in the region, so I helped to develop the program moving forward, we have added 3 additional SWAT K9 operators to the team and I have also advised regional teams on SWAT K9 integration.

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Todd Thompson

Todd is a 19 year veteran of law enforcement and is currently assigned to patrol for a Colorado police department just south of the Denver Metro area. Todd served 18 years assigned to the K9 unit.

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Gavin is a Former K9 handler for the US Military and currently trains police K9s aswell as sport dogs in PSA. He has experience training 100s of single and dual purpose K9s while specializing in Small Unit Tactics and K9/operator integration.