High Risk Deployment K9: SWAT Operations


We have had SWAT teams across the country reach out about having a HRD seminar specific to SWAT teams – and we have listened! We will be announcing trainers very soon that will be part of this specialized team.⁣ ⁣ This 3 day working seminar with incorporate all aspects of integrating a K9 into SWAT operations. Exercises will be centered around controlled movement, common environmental distractions, and tactics in a SWAT environment. Each day will build upon tactics and skill sets from the day before, and culminate on day three with full scale deployment pictures using SWAT operators, from either the hosting department, or you will have the option to include team members from your department. This will be an intense, fast paced, 3 full days course!⁣ ⁣


  • 3 day seminar ⁣
  • $6000 for an agency (closed seminar)⁣


  • Shared seminar with a minimum of 6 teams  $975 per handler team, and audit spots $300.
  • Require training locations from hosting agency⁣
  • Day 3 require 4-6 operators to complete training pictures. (Hosting agency has option to bring in SWAT operators at no charge) ⁣ ⁣ For more information and details on this seminar, please contact us.

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