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Go beyond “putting the rookie in the fat suit” and sending your dog on a flee bite!

This is NOT sport decoy training. This is Police K9 specific decoy training. We train your decoys in the following areas:

What you will gain from this:

  • CLEET Accredited
  • Safety awareness for you and the dog
  • Equipment use and selection
  • How to present the target
  • Tie-back work
  • The art of catching a dog safely
  • Dealing with bites away from the target
  • Bail out plans
  • Building full, calm, pushing bites
  • Passive bites
  • Vehicle work
  • How to safely decoy in scenarios
  • Real world scenarios
  • Scenarios designed for LE
  • Scenario Planning
  • Building the decoy’s skill set and troubleshooting
  • Challenging the dog with our “Zombie Walks”, “Blair Witch” technique, and otherwise distorting the dog’s perception of the target, AND So. Much. More.

Each 3 day working slot is $500



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