High Risk Deployment Seminars

High Risk Deployment Police K9

Our High Risk Deployment Seminars are designed to help your K9 Teams push the performance bar way past State certification standards.

We conduct high-stress, realistic training scenarios for both handers and K9 from expert trainers and police decoys.

We provide you with instruction on how to scale exercises based on your K9. Our focus is to build up existing K9 Teams — helping to create strong dog and handler teams, and giving them the ability to participate in more complex, high pressure scenarios without fail.

These seminars are completely customizable based on your department’s needs. Topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle Extracts

  • Door Popper / Defense of Handler / Bail Out

  • Building Search

  • SWAT Integration

  • Dead Checks / Passive Bites

  • Crowd Control



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